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One Tap Away.

All information in your portfolio is a tap or two away in Vest. Find out how much your dividends are making you, your all-time gains on stocks, the state of today’s market and even news about your most active positions.

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We understand that your investment portfolio is yours. None of your investment choices are transmitted or sent outside of your device. You can choose to synchronize data to iCloud to conveniently access your investment portfolios on all the devices you own, securely.

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Offline? Not a problem.

Vest downloads market data to your device when it has a chance. You can browse your portfolio’s complete history, whenever you feel like, even when not connected.

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Currencies and markets.

Vest currently supports the NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE (London) and TSX (Toronto) market exchanges in portfolios of Canadian Dollar, United States Dollar, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar or Euro currency. Vest automatically considers historical exchange rates when calculating your portfolio growth. As Vest evolves, we will add other markets and currencies.

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Track all of your important investments.

Vest can track both stock and mutual fund investments on the same markets.
You can even tell Vest to automatically reinvest dividends you earn as purchases of the same equity.

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Enter as much as you want, or as little.

If you don’t have the exact information from your broker, enter what you know in Vest. The app will give you an accurate estimate of your portfolio’s situation.

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Notified, when you should be.

You can opt-in to have Vest send you notifications when your investments change throughout the day. You can also choose to get a market closing report and receive notifications if your stocks post dividends or split.

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Manage multiple portfolios.

You can create any number of portfolios in Vest to manage your own stock investments, or the ones of others. You can even create ‘What if’ portfolios.
You can also move positions in stocks and mutual funds from one portfolio to another to reorganize.

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Informed decisions.

Use our comparison graphs to compare common metrics on investments you are watching before making a decision.

See for yourself.

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