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Goodbye, Graph Paper.

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Crafted with precision.

Using the various grid modes and settings, you can precisely align, rotate and move lumber. You may also add your own lumber types for the times when the app doesn't provide them by default.

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Design in 2D or 3D.

Seamlessly switch between both views. Our intuitive view navigation system solves usability problems common in similar applications.

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Shop with confidence.

As you design your Woodcraft project, the application automatically records the required lumber types and quantity. The Bill of Material feature can even be used as a shopping list where you tick off items as you shop.

The Scrap Pile feature saves unused lumber for later so you never buy too much wood.

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Integrate into your world.

Overlay your models on photos taken with the device camera or from your photo library. Adjust lighting conditions and your model's position in relation to the photo to get a feel for what your project will look like once built. Create as many Photographs as required in a single project.

Photograph mode is available as a separate in-app purchase

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A full array of tools.

Measure distances and refer to the on-screen measurements when building your project. Precision can be as fine as 1/64th of an inch! Use the hand saw or table saw to cut lumber graphically and precisely. Use the hammer to nail wood boards together so they move and rotate as a group.

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Share your work.

You can transfer your Woodcraft project between the different devices you own through iTunes sharing or email. Our online gallery, fully integrated with Twitter, enables the community of Woodcraft users to exchange their creations.

Share a PDF booklet of your projects with family, friends, clients or co-workers. The PDF booklet can be emailed or printed.

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Precisely align lumber.

Using our easy alignment tool, you may align multiple pieces of lumber together using the edge of a reference piece of lumber.

You can also centre multiple boards across a common axis using the Woodcraft alignment tool.

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However you measure.

Woodcraft supports imperial measurements or metric units. It’s even possible to have imperial lumber in a project measured in metric units.

Lights, Camera, Cut.

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