Woodcraft Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find instructions on using Woodcraft?

    There are a number of resources to get instructions and tips on using Woodcraft: :

    • While in the application, you may use the Help button on the toolbar to get at a host of visual information on how to use Woodcraft.
    • The Online Tutorials will show a number of video tutorials aimed at understanding specific subjects. Watch the Introduction tutorial first, then work you way down to the more advanced tutorials. We are constantly adding new tutorials, come back often.
    • When using any Woodcraft tool, instructions appear in the upper right corner of the screen to guide your usage of the tool.
    • Finally if your question is not answered by these resources, consider sending us an email. We reply to all our correspondence!

  • When using the saw or measurements, I'm supposed to see my object end points but I don't see all of them (or I see none of them).

    Due to touchscreen limitations, end points need to be separated by a certain distance before they are shown by the app. To properly see the end points for an object, ensure that you are zoomed in close enough. The end points should appear.

  • I changed my units of measure to Metric but the lumber is still imperial, why?

    Woodcraft completely supports work in Metric. However, lumber types are never converted between the different unit systems. First, because lumber types are not direct equivalents. For example a 2"x4" in North America does not have a corresponding 51 mm x 102 mm. A direct conversion of lumber types would not produce intelligible results.
    Second, some countries (like Canada) still sell lumber that is measured in Imperial units although the Metric system is the national standard.

    In Woodcraft it is possible to work with Imperial lumber while your measurements are in Metric. It is also possible to solely work in Metric by creating your own Metric lumber types.

  • What is the little musical note icon that is in the top right corner of every project on the main screen?

    Although Woodcraft allows you to share projects by email or through our online gallery, you may prefer to grab your project's file on your computer (for backing up or putting on a USB key).

    By toggling the musical note icon to the 'On' position, your project file will be visible under iTune's file sharing mechanism.

  • How can I cut holes through a piece of lumber?

    In Woodcraft, every saw cut must go completely through a piece of lumber. It is not possible to do partial saw cuts through a portion of a board.

    However, you may cut around the piece of wood that needs to be removed by making complete saw cuts around it and deleting it from your project. You will be left with multiple partial pieces that you can recombine by hammering them together using the hammer tool.

    These hammered pieces will again behave as a single board, only now with a portion removed.

  • Does Woodcraft support joinery, dados, drill holes or rounded saw cuts?

    At this time, Woodcraft does not support these features.

  • How do I delete a piece of wood from my project?

    To delete a board:

    • Select the board to be deleted
    • Tap the screen with two fingers to bring up the popup menu
    • Choose the "Cut" option on the popup menu

  • Can I enlarge a board after it has been placed?

    Woodcraft does not support changing the size of a piece of lumber after it has been placed. You may, however, create pieces of any size before placing them.

    Woodcraft takes a "lumber yard" approach to placing lumber in a project. Allowing board size to change after placement would interfere with the Bill of Materials feature.

  • After placing a 2" x 4" board, I measure and it comes out at 2" x 4". Shouldn't it be 1.5" x 3.5"?

    When placing lumber using the Woodcraft Add panel, you'll notice a toggle on the screen labeled "Rough".

    This switch toggles from the exact size of the lumber (on) to planed size (off).

    When placing lumber with the Rough switch toggled on, Woodcraft will not "shave off" the planed size for lumber. If placing lumber with the Rough switch toggled off, Woodcraft will correctly adjust the lumber dimensions.

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